Friday, January 22, 2010


Artist: Olen Hsu


mjhall1971 said...

This guy's porcelain work is really exceptional. I hear he's been doing more functional wares but with these great Chinese glazes. My favorite are the bowls--flawless and gorgeous. Hopefully he'll do a show soon.

Alberro said...

Really lovely. . . . . this work is so quiet and pulled-back, and the altered shapes give them a little sweetness, too. Would love to hold one of these bowls in my hands! They are thrown so beautifully and with such gentle care. I hadn't seen these before. The white ones are truly gorgeous. Definitely worth looking at this artist's site.

Etienne Kahn said...

quite nice -- i like the simplicity. . . always a pleasure to visit this blog and see the beautiful work that you post throughout :)