Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Artist: Ann Van Hoey / Source: Puls Ceramics

Apologies for missing a day! Two of my colleagues became ill, one last November (a rare cancer) and the other in January with Guillain Barré. So we decided to throw them a bake sale, which has turned into a collection of the neatest things, such as a Pearl Jam Backspacer rare white vinyl, an offer to debate the relative who most reminds you of Pat Buchanan, lessons in juggling, 50 giraffes (no, silly, a drawing!), a signed galley of a book to be released later this year, art, many author-donated signed books, including two sets from (the amazingly generous) Dave Eggers, and, yes, even baked goods from the authors of "Gimme Shelter" and "Cakewalk."
The bake sale: 

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