Monday, April 26, 2010

A call for post #400

Update: Thanks for all of the urls and images, this now closed. Look for plate #400 on Tuesday!
I'm shaking my head at how quickly we came around to plate #400. Seems like plate #300 wasn't that long ago! #400 will be due on Tuesday, May 18th, and once again we're looking for your ideas. You can post images to our Flickr group, located here. If you can't post to Flickr, do leave your submission in the comments on this post.

Our guide for getting to plate #400 is none other than Michael Kline of Sawdust & Dirt, yay! Michael has the very hard task of selecting one plate which will be posted on Tuesday, May 18th as post #400, and this time we're not giving away a plate but rather something to put on it, from the Brown Butter Cookie Company (if the winner is from outside the US, we'll do an Etsy gift certificate). It's a pleasure to watch the posts grow on this site and thank you so much for all of the nice notes you've left me. I am looking forward to seeing all those images and urls :)

1. In addition to plates we'll accept submissions for bowls and platters
2. Work must not have been published on this site
3. Of course it's totally fine to plug your own work. And remember, this contest is not limited to potters -- anyone can send us an url to a favorite plate
4. Multiple submissions are fine
5. Submit your plate by any/all of these means:
-- Flickr: The 400post group
-- Comments on this post: we'll need a working url to an image of the piece
6. And, icing on the cake (i.e. not a requirement), tell us how it was done! We're a curious bunch!
7. The contest will close at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern on Friday, May 14th

(If you're curious about the last contest, you can see that here)


Anonymous said...

Hi Plate-A-Day,
I've been making some stipe-y/dot-y plates lately, and would like to enter the contest! Here are my two for consideration: and
I throw each on the wheel w. a mid-range porcelain, alter and deco, which includes slip-sponging, slip-trailing and underglaze.
Thanks for your site. I enjoy it, and appreciate sharing it with my students.
Best, Kristen

Opera Gliniana said...


Linda Starr said...

I'd like to nominate Varda Sharon Kramer for her plates, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh plate photos in this post. She is an amazine artist. Laguna buff clay and slip and sgraffito I believe.

Linda Starr said...

I'd like to nominate Kitty Shepherd for her plate in this post, the first plate pictured, The Snow Queen Bird, slipware.

Linda Starr said...

I'd like to nominate Ron Philbeck for his plate earthenware slip and sgraffito second plate down:

Mignon said...

You go, Linda :)

Lyn said...

I nominate Ghita Levin's bird plates. She lives in New Brunswick Canada, near the Northumberland Strait, looking across to Prince Edward Island. The shores are home to many marsh and sea birds, which influences her work.

Linda Starr said...

One more Mignon, I'd like to nominate Peter's crystal bowl in this post, sixth photo down, new to crystal glazes, Peter is an amazing artist and a wonderful person besides:

Thanks so much for these contests they are so much fun and a way to reflect on the work I see on blogs over the months gone by.

Mignon said...

Oh, post as many as you like! Thanks, Linda!

Atelje Skärvan said...

I hope you got a lovely day,hugs Agneta

brenda said...

great blog, I LOVE PLATES!! here are some of my newest plates for consideration.

Justin and Brooke Rothshank said...

Here is a platter I made with the help of drawings from a 6 year old and a 91 year old as part of my 1000 Cups of Hope project at Baltimore Clayworks.

Here is a link to the entire body of work from that project:

Justin and Brooke Rothshank said...
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mojzaczarowanyswiat said...

I would like to join this game. Below you can find few of my works
all "hand made":)

1. Tree leaf plate

2. Big plate with tree leaf

3. Snail bowl

4. Lace plate

5. Small bird bowls

6. Big openwork bowl

7. Small red plates


Edwin L said...

Wynn Bauer

Heather said...

I would like to nominate Rick Nickel for post #400.

The first four pictures are plates I would like to nominate.


Ellen Mulligan said...

Well, to keep everyone busy, I'm adding some plates to the group! I either throw plates, or make from hump mold I've made, lots of decoration, and fire to cone 6.

thanks for these fun contests!

turtle looking for his eggs:

sadie watching her chicken:

and twisted running stitch:

thanks again...ongoing inspiration for me!

Melissa Jean Lee said...

Hello Plate-A-Day,

I realize at this point that this call for entries is past. I would like to be considered for the blog, but I'm not sure how else to go about getting in touch with you.

If you do take personal recommendations here are a few links to very recent work:

Dinner Plate with Fuschia

Set of Plates with Fuschia


giboulee said...

Two stoneware plates of mine:

drawn with wax, then sprayed over with glaze

and a raku plate: