Monday, September 20, 2010

489 & A call for post #500

Update: Thank you all SO MUCH for the chance to see your work. Please look for plate #500 on Tuesday, Oct. 5th.
It's a little mind bloggling to think that there are almost 500 plates on the site. We were just at plate #400! #500 will be due on Friday, November 1st, and once again we're looking for your ideas. You can post images to our Flickr group, located here. If you can't post to Flickr, do leave your submission in the comments on this post.

Helping us get to plate #500 is the wonderful Carole Epp of Musing About Mud. It's a huge task, and we're very grateful to Carole for her help. The person behind plate #500 will get a gift certificate to their favorite Etsy seller.
Thank you for all the notes you've left on the site, those are always fun to read. Now, let's see some urls, and remember you do not have to be a potter to send in an url!

1. In addition to plates we'll accept submissions for bowls and platters
2. Work must not have been published on this site
3. Of course it's totally fine to plug your own work. And remember, this is not limited to potters -- anyone can send us an url to a favorite plate
4. Multiple submissions are fine
5. Submit your plate by any/all of these means:
-- Flickr: The 500post group
-- Comments on this post: we'll need a working url to an image of the piece
6. And, icing on the cake (i.e. not a requirement), tell us how it was done! We're a curious bunch!
7. Submissions will close at 6am Pacific/9am Eastern on Saturday, September 25th

(If you're curious about plate #400, you can see that here)

Artist: Haruko Harada / Source: K's Table


alex sunday said...

eek! how exciting! i'm submitting a plate of my own: (also added to the flickr group).

Christina Song said...

How exciting! :) I'd like to submit my own plates. Check them out here:

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

I LOVE this blog and would be SO EXCITED to be part of it!!! I added some pics to your flickr 500 group. Thank you for the opportunity!

Paula West Pottery said...

Love this blog, very inspirational.
Here is my submission:
Porcelain, slab built, slip and sgraffito.
Thanks for your consideration.

Paula West Pottery said...
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Ashley said...

Here's my entry, check it out!

Ashley said...

Here is my entry, check it out!

Factotum said...

I'm contributing some photos that I recently added to my Flickr page:

I'm a Montreal artist. Since my username for my photo blog ( is Factotum, I've used that name here as well.

bethanmyfanwyjones said...

Hey Plate a Day, I'd like to submit my own platter!

These platters are slip cast earthenware, fired to 1120 c. To make the mould I first carve the plaster form by hand and then create a mould from this. I make up sheets decals/transfers on photoshop using my own drawings and I place these to follow the natural pour line created by the coloured glaze I use.

Kyle Carpenter said...

Stoneware with Tile 6 slip. Hand painted black underglaze. Scratched details over brushwork. Salt-glazed. Once fired to cone 10. Made in Spring of 2010 in Asheville, North Carolina.

hawkeyedesign said...

Here's my submission thanks for the consideration

Argillae said...

Always late :o) Ech.