Monday, February 7, 2011

587, and a call for No. 600

Source: Tennisberg, the Plates You Love group on Flickr

Update: This is now closed. Thank you!
Plate #500 was just about 4 months ago and here we are again, in hot pursuit of #600, due on February 24th. Helping us get there is my good friend and extraordinary photographer Jennifer Young. As you'll see on her blog, she has quite the eye for design. I've worked with Jennifer on San Louie assignments and am constantly amazed by her sense of color and composition. It's interesting to watch her work -- she has a knack for pulling the best from the people she photographs. Some of my favorite features on her site are her Hello, Weekend! posts (yes, San Luis Obispo is all of those lovely colors!), and I am constantly finding gems such as the post she did for the amazing Ikea cookbook, and Peter Baker's photographs. I also love her color samplers. And of course everyone needs to do this.

Send all of those urls in, she's dying to see all of it, and so am I. And everyone else I imagine! You can post images to our Flickr group, located here. If you can't post to Flickr, do leave your recommendation in the comments on this post. And this time, the person who sends us the url for the plate we select as #600 will get a gift certificate to one of our favorite Etsy stores (and another Jennifer Young recommendation), No Milk Today.

Sometimes it's awfully hard staying on top of it all but do I read each of the notes you leave on the site. Thank you for taking the time to write those.

A few rules:
1. This time, only PLATES please (sorry!)
2. Work must not have been published on this site
3. This is not limited to potters -- anyone can send us an url to a favorite plate
4. Multiple submissions are fine, and promoting your own work is just dandy
5. Submit your plate by any/all of these means:
-- Flickr: The 600post group
-- Comments on this post: we'll need a working url to an image of the piece
6. And, icing on the cake (i.e. not a requirement), tell us how it was done! We're a curious bunch!
7. Submissions will close at 5am Pacific/8am Eastern on Saturday, February 19th

Photos by Jennifer Young


Argillae said...

I'd like to nominate NandA for her lovely plates:

DG Strong said...

Abraham Lincoln in a bunny suit:

LaPellaPottery said...

EarthborneArt said...

This is fun!

pat's pottery said...

I would like to nominate one of my plates:>)

Thank you so much♥

debbabcock said...

A luncheon plate:

Argillae said...

Hello again. Here is my submission:

Luke said...

Self-promotion is always a good thing, right? Here's one of my plates:

charity elise said...


Opera Gliniana said...

selfmadegirl said...

I am nominating Pamela for her amazing plates, which she also refers to as chargers. Specifically, I am nominating her for her wood-fired Charger of Delights:

selfmadegirl said...

I am nominating Pamela, for her wood-fired Charger of Winged Waters

foxpots said...

Here are 2 of mine that I like:

I'm going to look for one from someone else to nominate as well!

foxpots said...

I love this one -

Anonymous said...

Not so functional... but then again people seldom are!

Jamie said...

Potter: Jamie Loftis
Blue spiral plate with multiple underglazes and clear glaze.

Anonymous said...

I am Luna, artist and designer from Basque Country. Each one of plates is a hand made decorative piece of art and is part of a creating project. In these creations I show my influences, feelings and my personal experiences, in situations that belong to my own life.

My favorite pieces:

More about my artwork:

Have a nice day!

Leili said...

I am excited to submit five plates by Darrell Finnegan, a potter from Boston, MA, US. They are all here:

The individual URLs for the plates are as follows:

A little description of how he made each one appear below the photos.

Leili said...

I am submitting one of my own, as well - A large, hand-built, carved "Sand Dollar" plate:

Thank you Mignon for this wonderful site.

Anonymous said...

Please consider my plates pictured at

Plates are my most favorite form hence my love of your blog!

Mignon said...

bpracticalpottery: The link doesn't work

Anonymous said...

My apologies, this one ought to: