Monday, February 21, 2011


Artist: Morphingmolecules on Etsy


Linda Starr said...

Lucious surface.

Elaine Bradley said...

I make this form often in porcelain, then apply printed motifs on it. I used it as a 'nest' in my graduating work at Australian National University lately.
The surface on this piece is delicious, all that effort was worth it. Don't you find people just can't help picking it up?

Russ said...

Thanks for posting a picture of my piece, and for the comments.
Elaine, I took a look at your Nests. Great idea with the eggs, and the patterning looks really nice! I wanted to keep this one clean, but may try it with naked raku or saggar firing next time, to add a more interesting surface. I really like closed forms.
How did you get that blue pattern onto the surface, if you don't mind me asking?

Elaine Bradley said...

I think naked raku would be beautiful on these forms Russ. I printed the blue pattern using a silkscreen (Riso) pattern from my own images, onto tissue paper. I used cobalt oxide (it might have been carbonate) and printing medium as the ink. Then trimmed the tissue and transferred the twig motifs one by one. The cobalt bleeds in a way that stains don't making it an inkier, more loose result. The brown ones are iron oxide laser decals from own images, onto unglazed clay.