Monday, September 17, 2012


Artist: Emily Schroeder Willis

First, a great, big thank you to everyone who nominated a plate for #1000. Carole Epp, the artist who had the hard job of narrowing all of the nominated pieces down to a single plate, said she spent a week reviewing all of the work. And it was difficult. She selected the piece above by Emily Schroeder Willis, and here is what Carole has to say:

"I find the work of Emily Schroeder Willis very compelling in its simplicity of form and surface, which upon closer inspection is actually quite beautifully layered and complex. To create work that is elegant in its vision; calm and simple in its tone and aesthetic without being plain and unchallenging, is an ode to her mastery of the medium of ceramics. Her functional work offers the viewer a space of contemplation beyond its mere function. The forms, while stretching beyond the standard norm of functional objects, still remain within the realm of good design, which entices one to use the work.

Congratulations to Emily! Carole selected three runners-up who are listed below:

Artist: Makiko Hastings

Artist: Andrew Ludick

Artist: Audrey Long


Chris King said...

Audrey it is such a beautiful plate! Wonderful!


makiko hastings said...

wow! I am so pleased to see mine is one of the runner up selected. Thank you so much. Your blog is geart to watch! xm