Thursday, February 24, 2011


Artist: Aintzane Martínez De Luna

Thank you Aintzane Martínez De Luna for sharing your work in the call for plate #600! And thanks to everyone who sent in urls here and on Flickr. I know Jennifer struggled with the final choice -- it's always hard narrowing this down to a single plate.

This is what Jennifer had to say:
"Am I only allowed to choose one? Such a beautiful selection of plates were submitted/nominated. Although it took me a while to make my decision I decided to choose "Leaves in the Wind" by Aintzane M. De Luna as plate #600. I am fascinated by the two-piece plate set as it screams art to me. My eyes always tend to see life like the drawing in these plates -- parts making up a whole. As a photographer, I am often more moved by a diptych of two images rather than a standalone image. I am also drawn to the black and white minimalism of this plate set. And I love that the image of the tree and leaves do not portray just a tree and leaves to me, but more of a story. Thank you all for sharing your beautiful work, and Mignon for curating such an amazing space for such talent."

Thank you, Jennifer!


Anonymous said...

How Exciting! I am very happy that I’ve been chosen by "Leaves in the Wind" A gift in advance, tomorrow is my birthday! Many thanks!

Mignon said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Ellen Mulligan said...

I love this selection - light and delicate, the plates are lovely. congratulations!

Linda Starr said...

congratulations Luna, the plates are beautiful.